How to Use Automotive Dent Glue Puller

a car dent
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
Glue gun
Soft rags
Glue tabs
Dent puller
Knock down
Spray bottle
Mild liquid detergent
Fluorescent light
Cotton swabs

A dent glue puller is a tool designed to remove pesky dents from your vehicle. A dent glue puller is an inexpensive tool that is put to use by small business owners all over the country. They make use of the dent glue puller to make small fortunes by removing superficial dents and dings. You can purchase this tool at most auto parts and department stores. Using a dent glue puller is not very difficult and this article will show you how.

Step 1 – Preparation

Keep in mind that a dent glue puller will not work on severe dents as it is meant for small superficial dents in metal and plastic material. Before you begin using the dent glue puller make sure that everything is within reach. You also want to have the glue gun plugged in and ready to go prior to starting this process. It will not only save time but also ensure that that the glue gun is hot enough to melt the glue stick. The dent you are going to fix also should be cleaned. Place a few drops of detergent into the spray bottle and add water. Shake it until sudsy and spray down the surface then wipe off with a rag and dry with another. Apply solvent to the area as well as this will remove any leftover residue.

Step 2 – Glue Tab

A glue tab is used to help the glue dent puller do its job effectively. Inspect the dent and choose a glue tab that is as close to the size of the dent as possible. Insert a glue stick into the warmed up glue gun and apply some of the hot glue to the back of the glue tab. Place the glue tab in the center of the dent and allow it to cool for about a minute.

Step 3 – Remove the Dent

Place the dent puller over the dent and centered over the glue tab. Pull on the dent puller to remove the dent. This is not always a perfect removal. Use the fluorescent light to inspect the dent. The light will curve where the dent still remains. This will allow you to remove more of the dent. This will also tell you if the dent is pulled out too much. Use the hammer or the knock down tool to remove any peak and high points. Only use very gentle tapping to remove the high points.

Step 4 – Cleaning Up

Remove the dent puller from the vehicle. The glue tab will still remain on the vehicle and needs to be removed. Saturate a cotton swab with the acetone and apply it around the glue tab. The acetone will help to dissolve the glue. You can also try reheating the glue with a hairdryer. Once you remove the glue tab use a rag and acetone to remove the leftover glue residue.