How to Use Candles for Feng Shui

Feng Shui promotes appreciation of beauty, balance, light and tranquility. Needless to say feng shui candles play an important part in transforming any room with their illumination and mystical effect. All you need is some basic knowledge on what each candle represents and careful planning to achieve the desired effect. Principal attributes connected to feng shui candles are shapes and colors.

Color and Shape

Each different candle shape and color represents a particular element in our lives. Make sure that you choose the correct color candle carefully to correspond with the part of your life or experience that you want to concentrate on. Keep in mind a clear idea of your goal and have an open mind to influences. Let the candle choose you.

Red candles bring to life the element of fire and red feng shui candles are normally used to help in the areas of your life regarding reputation and fame. White candles symbolize two different things, namely heaven, which represents kind friends, tutors and reaching goals. It also symbolizes a lake or stream and joy, children and the creativity in each one of us.

A last important feng shui candle color is the orange color and it can be given three different uses. First, it symbolizes a mountain that has been overcome and helps generate wisdom and peace in your life. It can also be used as a feng shui candle to encourage wealth and growth when symbolizing the sun. And finally, it can also mean water and this helps in getting you career on track and keeping you work life stress-free as possible.


It is also important to consider harmony as a factor. Being in harmony with nature is key when using feng shui candles. Make sure that you include all five elements; fire, water, wood, earth and metal. Don’t go over the top with just one element; make sure that there is a balance in the elements you choose.

If you are starting to use feng shui candles in a room that has no elements overpowering the others, you could introduce a candle and a harmonizing element such a plant or a colored rug since shape and color are also in connection with the element of earth.

Bagua Map

Another important factor in Feng Shui candles is where they are placed. A bagua is an octagonal (8 sided) shaped map that helps you in evaluating the space that you shall be using. Follow the simple guidelines to place the candles in the area of your house that relates most to the aspect in your life that you are most trying to improve. A candle in the wrong place will not have the right effect.

Picking the right candle is essential in order to get the most out of the benefits it offers. Placing it in the right position, so that it complements the rest of the space, rather than competing for attention, is also an important factor. Take care when making decisions and don’t be too hasty. It is also important to keep in mind not to be swayed by the color of the candle, it might not be your favorite color, but that is the color that you require at this point in your life.