How to Use Car Paint Scratch Remover

You can use car paint scratch remover to remove small scratches and swirl marks in the paint finish of your car. Swirl marks are caused by washing or buffing your car paint with a dirty cloth or using automatic car washes that haven't been cleaned and maintained properly. Hand washing, polishing and waxing your car is the best way to keep the finish in excellent condition.

Tools and Materials

  • Scratch remover
  • Rags

Step 1: Determine What Remover to Use

Not all scratch removers will do the same job. Much depends upon what type of scratch it is. Very deep scratches most likely won't be removed by these products. Since there are so many removers on the market, do a bit of research by searching for ratings and reviews online or talking with friends. Go to a car show and ask the owners for advice on what products to use.

Step 2: Using Scratch Removers

Once you have purchased your product, be sure your car is completely washed and dried. It is best to work in the shade. Put a bit on a rag and proceed to rub onto the scratches in a circular motion. Be sure to cover the complete area. If you are putting it on a large area of swirls, do only a small area at a time. Let it dry and buff. You may need to repeat this process.