How to Use Chain Harrows

What You'll Need
Lawn Mower
Chain Harrow

If you have a large area of ground that needs to be worked, and you already have a lawn mower, then you should consider using chain harrows. These are small claws which are attached to a series of chains, which are then attached to the mower and dragged behind it. Using chain harrows can help to pull up large areas of grass at once, and you can also use it in other ways to make sure that the soil is suitably tilled before planting crops. In order to get the best out of your chain harrows, you will have to know how to use them to best effect. Using a chain harrow system is not very difficult, and you can easily manage it once you understand what you are about to do.

Step 1 - Attaching the Harrow

In order to start tilling the ground, you will first need to know how to work the chain harrows. This can be done by simply attaching it to the back of your mower, and beginning to drive. Take your chain harrow, and place it on the ground near to the area to be tilled. Don't drag the chain harrow across lawns, or other areas where it is likely to cause damage. The claws of the harrow should be facing downwards. Pick up the bar, and connect the hole which comes from this bar onto the bolt at the back of your lawn mower. You may need to unscrew the bolt before it can be removed, but you should be able to get this off easily. Make sure that all the parts are tightened before beginning.

Step 2 - Using the Chain Harrow

Take your chain to the piece of ground that needs to be tilled. It is a good idea to use the tiller before you start on the sowing of seeds, although you can sew directly after you have harrowed the ground. Start by moving slowly along the soil in one direction. The claws will dig into the ground, and pull up any large lumps. You will also find need lines where the claws have pulled. You should stop every so often and make sure that the claws have not become twisted, or have not lost their direction. You should keep a steady line in one direction, as this will help prevent that from happening. Once the soil has been disturbed by the claws, you can then go ahead and plant seeds. Don't run through the area on the way back, but instead turn the chains over.

Step 3 - Other Uses for Chain Harrows

You can also make your chain harrows flatten the ground after sowing by turning the bar over, so that the claws are facing upwards. Run your lawn mower over the area that you have just sown, and this will flatten the ground. It is also a good way of ensuring that your lawn remains flat.