How to Use Decorative Bowls as Functional Kitchen Accents

Decorative bowls are an easy decorating accessory to add to the decor of any room. They can fill in any empty corner, or add a splash of color to a mantel. In the kitchen, they can be incorporated into the theme of the room for decoration, as well as act as a functional part of the kitchen. Here are a few ideas on how to use them as functional pieces in the kitchen.

1.  Tea Bag Storage

Herbal teas most often come in individual packets. You can place the teas in a decorative bowl by your stove so they are handy when you want to make a cup of tea. If you have different kinds of teas, arrange them in the bowl by flavor.

2.  Bar Accessories

The corkscrew, bottle opener, swizzle sticks and decorative drink items for a bar can be placed in a bowl. Placing all of these items in a decorative bowl by a kitchen wine rack will keep them all together and easily accessible when you need them.

3.  Candle Storage

Candles, especially votive and tea lights, can be a pain to store in your cabinet. Not only do they take up space, but they seem to topple over each time you reach in the cabinet. Placing them in a decorative bowl will keep them all together, and also make a nice display. You will also benefit from the scent if you have scented candles.

4. Pet Bowl

Instead of an ugly dingy pet bowl, use a decorative bowl for your pet. It will look much nicer in your kitchen. Just be sure your bowl is made of material that can be washed regularly and that does not contain lead5.  Receipts and Manuals

Receipts and manuals are always clutter that we are trying to hold on to for when we may need them. By placing all of them in a decorative bowl and placing them on top of the refrigerator, they won't be an eyesore, or scattered where you can't find them when needed, and out of sight.

6.  Sugar Packets

With sugar and sugar substitutes being sold in packets these days, a small decorative bowl is perfect for storing them. Just place the bowl beside your coffee pot or on your kitchen table.

7.  Paper Napkin Holder

Napkins can be messy, when you grab a few if left in the plastic bag they come in, and it seems we are constantly reaching for them, especially if you have children. By filling a decorative bowl with paper napkins, they are always within reach. You can have more than one bowl to have one to grab to take in another room for game night, movie night, or coffee by the fireplace.

8.  Fruit and Vegetables

Placing Fruit and Vegetables in a decorative bowl is a nice centerpiece for a counter top or kitchen table. You can mix fruit and vegetables together or put them in separate bowls. It will also help to promote good eating habits.