How to Use Driftwood for Wooden Signs

What You'll Need
Lacquer Spray
Saw and knife
Paint Brush
Picture Hooks
Nail Gun

Driftwood is wood in its most natural form, mostly found washed up on beaches, streams and river banks and used by many people to make wooden signs. It is unique because each piece is different from the other. It’s used to make a variety of wooden accessories such as tables, picture frames or signs. The best thing about using drift wood is that you are not cutting down a tree. It makes using driftwood eco-friendly. Driftwood is popular because it has a rustic look that is unique, giving it character. Making a sign out of driftwood is fast and simple:

Step 1 – Preparing and Disinfecting the Wood

Begin by thoroughly cleaning the wood; remove any sand or debris from it using a piece of cloth or a rag. Make sure that the driftwood you choose is termite free. Remove any decaying with a knife. Then, sanitize the wood. You can heat the wood, boil it or soak it in a disinfectant solution. The safest and the most effective is soaking in a disinfectant. Prepare the disinfectant solution by combining bleach and water in a 1:9 ratio. Use a large tub and let it soak for a few days, change the water daily. Once you have disinfected the driftwood let it dry; place it in your garage for a few weeks before you begin working with it.

Step 2 – Sizing the Wood

The design of your board will depend on you and the size of your driftwood. For a standard board, use a saw and cut out a rectangular board. If you don’t have the necessary equipment you can go for a more rustic look and keep the log shape and just trim down the sides.

Step 3 – Lettering Your Wooden Sign

If you are a sculpting enthusiast, you can sketch the lettering on to the sign yourself. If not, go to a carpenter with specialized tool and have the lettering engraved. The easiest option is using paint. Use acrylic or oil paint to stencil the lettering on to your driftwood wooden sign. To get the letters perfectly aligned use a ruler to draw a line and give spacing on the sides.

Step 4 – Finishing the Job

You can use lacquer spray to cover the wooden sign and seal the wood or give it a coat of polyurethane. Both will give it a glossy finish, which will both add to its beauty and durability. Or you can paint or stain the board before you paint the lettering on it, depending on your choice. Use picture hooks at the back of the sign to hang it on a wall or on a wooden pole. A wire can also be used to display your sign.