How to Use Drywall Joint Tape How to Use Drywall Joint Tape

What You'll Need
Drywall joint tape
Drywall joint compound

Drywall joint tape is a specially designed fiberglass tape which is used to secure drywalls to each other. It makes a perfect seal between seams in your drywall boards. In order to fit the tape to the drywall, you will need a little bit of compound, and some sharp scissors.

Step 1 - Attach the Tape

Take your roll of drywall joint tape, and apply it to the seam in the wall where you want it to go. You can place the tape at the highest point, and then just unroll it into the drywall as you move down. Once the tape is on the wall, you should then cut it to size using your scissors. Use one blade, and severe a small piece of the tape, and then pull the roll away. The drywall joint tape will divide easily.

Step 2 - Cover Up

Once the tape has been applied, you can then cover it over with some drywall joint compound. This will help to seal it to the wall. Take a small putty knife, and smooth the compound over the tape to a depth of around one eighth of an inch. This completes a level two finish.

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