How to Use Epoxy in Boat Deck Repairs

What You'll Need
Boat deck
Paint thinner or epoxy remover

A boat deck repair can be accomplished using an epoxy sealant material designed to seal cracks and small holes. If the repair that needs to be completed requires more extensive work be done, then you will need to use some other repair method other than epoxy.

This how-to article will examine the ways in which epoxy can be used to repair a boat deck. This includes determining the types of repairs that can be accomplished through the use of epoxy and when it is appropriate to use or consider other repair options. Working with epoxy is different than working with glue and other types of bonding or adhesive materials that you come across so caution should be expressed at all times when performing a repair using epoxy.

Step 1: Examine the Size of the Repair

If you are considering using epoxy in a deck repair, examine the size of the repair area. The application of any epoxy for a boat deck repair should be over a small area. If the size of the area that is need of repair is too large for the application of epoxy, you will need to consider replacing that section of deck with new deck boards.

Step 2: Working with Epoxy Material

You should always consider wearing a mask and gloves when working with an epoxy. This will keep and harmful or dangerous materials from coming into contact with your skin or other parts of your body. It will also reduce the amount of fumes that you breathe in when applying the epoxy to the repair area.

Step 3: Using Epoxy Material

Test a small amount of the epoxy in an area of the deck that is not noticeable when working with the chemical for the first time. This will give you a chance to see how the epoxy works and determine whether or not you wish to consider applying the epoxy to the rest of the repair area on your boat deck.

Step 4: Cleaning Up Excess Epoxy Material

Keep handy clean rags to wipe up any excess epoxy material that may ooze out while you are applying the fix to the deck. If necessary use paint thinner or some other type of epoxy removal solution to clean up any epoxy that becomes stuck on the wrong part of the deck and is hard to remove.

When working with epoxy for the first time it is important to read all instructions and follow them carefully. The epoxy can become sticky and hard to work with if not used properly as well as harden quickly in some cases, leaving a mess that can be difficult to clean up and remove from the deck surface. By reading all instructions carefully and using the epoxy only as approved can you avoid these problems and successfully perform and desk repair task.