How to Use Epoxy Primer on Galvanized Iron

What You'll Need
Epoxy primer
Primer activator
Sand blaster
3 buckets
Drill mixer
Paint brush

Epoxy primer is a moisture and corrosion resistant protective coating that can be applied to various materials including metal. The surface of the metal must first be prepared properly for the application in order for the primer to adhere to it.

Step 1 – Preparing the Galvanized Iron

Use a sand blaster to wear down the surface the metal. You can rent a sand blaster from your local rental shop. Once the surface has been abraded, wash any dirt, debris or residue from the iron.

Step 2 – Combining the Primer and the Activator

Pour the primer into one of the bucket. Use your drill mixer to thoroughly mix the primer. Clean the mixer bit with acetone. Pour the activator in another bucket. Mix the activator with the drill mixer. Pour some of the primer and some of the activator into the third bucket. Use the drill mixer to combine the contents thoroughly.

Step 3 – Applying the Primer

Use your paint brush to apply a thin layer of the primer to the iron. Be sure to use long, even strokes. Allow the epoxy primer enough time to dry completely. Clean the paint brush immediately with the acetone.