How to Use Foam Concrete Forms

What You'll Need
Foam concrete forms and ties
Concrete and mixer
Rebar and form supports
Plasticizer adhesive
Construction marker or chalk
Measuring tape
Digging tools

Foam concrete forms make creating a cement footing much faster and easier than working with pieces of wood and stakes. Foam concrete forms are easy to set up, and this quick how-to guide will show you everything you need to know. Let's get started.

Step 1 - Layout the Footing

Using the measuring tape and chalk or marker, layout the area where your footing will be installed. Mark the ground clearly so you will know where to dig.

Step 2 - Dig the Footer

Use a shovel or trench digging tool to dig the footer. Refer to the building plans for dimensions and be sure to follow your ground layout plan.

Step 3 - Connect and Place Form Pieces

Most foam forms have inter-locking edges that are used to connect them. Connect the pieces and place along the border edges of the footing. Use support braces if needed to keep the forms straight and upright.

Step 4 - Apply Adhesive

Fill the foam form pieces with plasticizer adhesive. This will allow for better flow of the concrete when it is poured and also help prevent air pockets and gaps in the cement.

Step 5 - Pour Concrete

Mix and pour the concrete into the forms. Allow to cure completely before removing them.