How to Use Fuel Injection Cleaner How to Use Fuel Injection Cleaner

Your fuel injector can become clogged up with deposits left behind from fuel and its additives. It is important to occasionally clean your fuel injector with fuel injection cleaner. Fuel injection cleaner is easy to use. Here are a few simple guidelines for how to use fuel injection cleaner.

Choose the Right Fuel Injection Cleaner

Not all fuel injection cleaners work for all engines. Shop around for the fuel injection cleaner that works best for your car or truck. If you have questions, ask your mechanic or sales people at your local auto parts shop.

Read the Directions Thoroughly

Before using any fuel injection cleaner in your car, always read the directions. Not all fuel injection cleaners work the same, and if used improperly can cause problems. The directions will tell you how much fuel you should be using with your fuel injection cleaner.

Check Your Fuel Level

By now you should know how much fuel you need to have in your tank before using your fuel injection cleaner. Start your car and let your gas gauge settle in place. If you don’t have the proper amount of gasoline, then add enough to meet the requirements.

At this point, add the fuel injector cleaner to your fuel tank. The fuel injection cleaner will then work as you drive.

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