How to Use Glass to Accentuate Your Home How to Use Glass to Accentuate Your Home

Glass can be used in many different ways to enhance the beauty of your home. You can opt for commercially available glass décor products or make your own glass decorations using old, recycled glass. Listed below are a few glass items that you can use to accentuate your home.

Coffee Tables

A glass coffee table can add character to your living room. Of course, you will need to do some work while choosing the right coffee table. For instance, the style of your glass coffee table will depend on your wallpaper (if any), the furnishings that already exist in your room and the flooring (carpeted, tiled, or wooden). If you’re lost, take a look at some interior design and home improvement publications for help.

Circle Top Windows

If you have a large house, nothing adds more elegance than circle top windows. You could also use circle top windows in empty spaces and to make arches. However, keep in mind that the kind of circle top window you use will depend on your existing décor. For example, circle top windows come in various styles (half and full rounds, gothic arches, inverted corners, quarters, and elliptical), and you must choose the right style for your home.


If we are talking about using glass to accentuate your home, nothing does it better than lights. You could choose from heavy, ornate crystal chandeliers to more contemporary pendant style lighting. Chandeliers are great, but they only look good in large spacious rooms. So if you are looking to accentuate your home with smaller, less expensive touches, opt for simple pendant lighting, which is also available in many different colors and shapes.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles add a certain charm to areas such as your kitchen, bathroom, and patio. They are available in many different sizes and colors and are perfect for the “wet areas” in your home. You can also use them on your walls for added impact, especially in your bathroom.

Home Décor Mirrors

Mirrors can be used in many different ways to accentuate your home. Home décor mirrors are widely available in different styles that suit every pocket. Mirrors can be used effectively to make your home look more spacious. Mirrors also help to further enhance existing décor items such as paintings and artworks; simply place a mirror near one to see the difference. You can also use mirrors to increase the lighting in your room. If you have a fireplace, you could place a mirror in it for a stunning effect. You could also place mirrors near candles for a similar effect.

Arts and Crafts

You can make glass décor items at home for a personal touch. Make a lamp out of a glass vase that is no longer of any use. All you need is a vase, a lamp shade, a shade holder, glue (E6000 Glue), and a Mason Jar Lamp Kit (available in most craft and hardware stores). Put pieces together using the glue to make the lamp. Used lighting bulbs can be recycled to make perfect little ornaments for your home. Use spray paints, acrylic paints, and various decorative art and crafts items to make the ornaments. These can then be placed in and around the house to accentuate your home. 

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