How to Use Hand Crank Winch Lifts

What You'll Need
Heavy Duty Gloves
Crank Lever

Hand crank winches are used to pull heavy objects on and off trailers. They can also be used to pull yourself out of a ditch if you find yourself in one. The hand crank variety is inexpensive and simple to operate, making them one of the more popular winch lifts available. They are basically all the same, and very simple to use.

Step 1- Check the Capacity

It's a good idea to check the weight capacity on the crank winch before you use it. While you may never have problems with this, if you try to use the winch on an item that is too heavy for the winch, you will damage the winch and risk damaging the load you are trying to pull.

Step 2- Check the Cables

Take a quick glance, to ensure the cable or strap is in good shape. If it looks worn or rusted, don't try to use the winch. The strap or cable could snap, causing serious damage.

Step 3- Crank the Lever

Once you have everything hooked up and inspected, you can start to slowly crank the lever. Small single speed winches will take a little more time than a 2 speed, but won't require anymore work on your part. Once you have pulled the load, you can lock the winch down and disconnect.