How to Use Impact Drivers to Set a Deck How to Use Impact Drivers to Set a Deck

What You'll Need
Impact driver
Deck bolts

Impact drivers can make building a deck much easier. The impact driver allows you to set a deck in to brick or stone and ensure a safe and strong connection. Here's how you can use one to set a deck properly:

Step 1 - Determine the Placement

You want to walk around and mark where you are going to be placing the deck bolts and brackets. This gives you a visual you can use as a guideline. Make any changes you need before you start drilling.

Step 2 - Line up The Bracket

Line up the brackets with your markings and the deck. Make sure the impact driver is set on the correct rotation and torque.

Step 3 - Attaching the Brackets

For bolts it's easier to use the drive setting on the impact driver. Place the bolt in the driver, firmly grip the handle, and depress the selector. The bolt should go through any concrete or brick at this point and secure the bracket and the deck. Continue doing this around the deck until you have all the brackets in place.

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