How to Use Latex Non-Slip Backing with Floor Entrance Mats

The use of floor entrance mats are a wonderful way to add color to an entryway. They also trap dirt as people and pets enter your home. One of the hazards of non-backed floor entry mats is that they tend to slip when stepped on when placed on wood or tile floors. By using a latex non-slip backing with the mat, or by applying non-slip latex directly to the mat, you can reduce slips and falls.

How To Use Non-Slip Latex Backing with Floor Entrance Mats

When using a non-slip pad with your entrance mat, cut the pad about 1/2 to 1/4-inch smaller all the way around than your mat size. This keeps visitors from seeing the pad and still provides good slip resistance. Most pads can be cut with a pair of scissors.

Types Of Non-Slip Backings For Mats

There are several kinds of non-slip backing for entrance mats. You can buy a non-slip rug pad and cut it to fit any size entrance mat. Or, you can buy liquid latex and spray, or brush it on the back of any rug. This prevents slipping, and also keeps people from catching the edge of the mat and tripping over it. Spray or brush-on latex is easier to use than pads, although it may disintegrate with washing or heavy use.