How to Use Liquid Electrical Tape

In case the insulation of any electrical wire is broken or the place where two cables are connected, applying liquid electrical tape fixes the problem of insulation very easily and ensures that there will be no leakage of current. Nowadays liquid electrical tapes are not only used for insulation purpose, they have many other applications also.

About Liquid Electrical Tape

These are rubber-fluid compound that can provide excellent abrasion protection and also keep away moisture and salt from entering that place. The liquid electrical tapes do not break down or get damaged due to presence of any alkaline or acidic compound nearby. They have a very high di-electric constant and are thus very good insulators. They have many advantages over vinyl based compounds as they can withstand extreme weather condition and are also very easy to apply.

Preparation Before Use

Before applying the liquid electrical tape, make sure the place is dry and there is no big crack or loose surfaces. While applying it over insulated copper wire make sure the surface where you are applying it is properly cut and the surface is firm. You can use a paint brush to apply it. In many cases they come as spray and thus can be applied on the surface directly.


Applying liquid insulation tape is very similar to applying paint. Before applying it you must stir the liquid or shake the container in case of spray. Next slowly dip a brush or any other object with which you are wanting to apply the liquid electrical tape. Then paint it around the place where you wanted the insulation or spray it around the place. These dries up very fast and so avoid mucking about, while painting it. Once a thick and proper layer is coated try to smooth it gently by using the brush and then leave it in open air for making it completely dry.


30% of the compounds in the liquid electrical tape are extremely volatile. Avoid any contact with naked flame and keep the container in a place which is away from the source of any flame. Do not try to dry it quickly by bringing in a source of heat near it after its application.

Other Application

As the liquid electrical tapes give a great protection against moisture and is not damaged by acidic or alkaline compounds they are used in many other places rather than just for electrical insulation purpose. After the liquid electrical tape is applied on a surface it hardens and forms a layer of rubber like compound on the surface and thus isolating the surface from the atmosphere. For all this reason you can apply a layer of this over bolts and joints and reduce the possibility of rust. For application over any metallic surface you have to follow the same rules again. In case there is already rust in the surface make sure you scrub it of using a sand paper or a metallic file. Another great application of this insulation is in small places like parts of camera or computer or any other digital circuit, where a conventional electrical tapes cannot be used.