How to Use Masonite Siding

If you want a cheap and cheerful version of wood siding, then you should consider Masonite siding. This looks very much the same as a traditional wood siding, but it is considerably less expensive, and can be found in longer lengths too. Masonite siding has sometimes been criticized for its lack of durability, but once you put it on correctly, you can make it last for a good few years depending on your climate. Using this siding can be a good way of keeping costs down but at the same time benefiting from the look of an attractive siding. There are many ways in which you can use this type of siding.

What Is Masonite Siding?

Before you can understand how to use Masonite siding, you should first know what it is. Masonite is chiefly made from wood chips, which are held together with a mix of wood glue, resins, and wax. The siding is made by pressing out the wood chips into the resin, forcing it to bond with the other products, and creating a board which is also known as cardboard, hardboard, or even clapboard. It was used in many homes during the 1970s and 80s.

Use as Siding

The primary use of Masonite siding is on the side of buildings, over bricks. It is much cheaper than wood, vinyl, or other forms of siding materials, and it is easy to install.

Use as Green Product

Masonite siding can be used as a green product,  as it uses wood chips produced by the manufacture of other items. It therefore doesn't require the chopping down of other trees. You can use it to support out buildings, or to place around wooden constructs. As the Masonite siding is partially synthetic resins and glues, you should find that it will repel insects such as termites. When you are constructing a green home, it makes a great replacement for drywall. You will need to know how to install this product, as it can be very prone to mildew and leaks. However, it is a good product for use in insulating homes and providing protection for outside buildings.

Use with Pre-painted Boards

If you don't want to have to consider installing Masonite siding on your home and then painting it regularly, you should consider buying it pre-painted. This means that there will be less work for you to do. Pre-painted Masonite comes in a range of different colors, so you will be able to find one which suits you easily.

Use as Floorboards

Masonite is a hardwood board that can be used on flooring, particularly in areas of the Southern states, where the weather is ideal for it. As Masonite does not bulge or swell, you can lay down Masonite siding wood floor, and have it perfect right through all the seasons of the year. Although this is not common, you may be able to get an attractive floor laid for a lot less than traditional woods.