How to Use Metal Dies to Thread Bolts How to Use Metal Dies to Thread Bolts

What You'll Need
Metal die
Power drill
Metal dowels

On occasions when you need bolts of a particular size for a project, you will find that you need metal dies. Following the steps below to use them with thread bolts to ensure that the result will hold.

Step 1 – Size

Your first step is to get the correct sized metal dies for the job to ensure that you get a close fit. Simply looking at the die will be insufficient as you must know the precise measurements.

Step 2 – Secure Dowels

Beginning the process of threading bolts can be difficult as the components must be precisely perpendicular. Make this easier by securing the dowels in a vice while you work on them. If possible, fit metal dies into the chuck of a power drill to make the task easier.

Step 3 – Undertake Threading

A power drill will make the initial stages of using metal dies easier. Ensure that it is properly aligned, and use a slow speed to start the die onto the fastener. Once it has been attached to the end, you will be able to forgo the drill to continue the process by hand. After completing the process, ensure that you clean the die.

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