How to Use Metal Taps to Make Threaded Holes in Metal How to Use Metal Taps to Make Threaded Holes in Metal

What You'll Need
Metal taps
Tap wrench
Spray tapping fluid or spray machine oil
Carpenters square

To make a threaded hole in metal you can use metal taps. Metal taps come in various sizes and threads. Use the tap that matches the bolt you want to insert.

Step 1 – Prepare the Hole

Mark the position of the hole. Then drill a hole with a drill that has a bit meant for metal.

Step 2 – Insert the Tap

Put the tap into the tap wrench and tighten it. Spray some tapping fluid or machine oil into the hole. Put the tap in the hole and turn it clockwise several turns with the t-bar handle. Keep it straight up and down.

Step 3 – Level the Tap

Check to see if it is level by taking off the bar and putting a square up to the tap. Once you know it is level put the tap wrench back on the tap.

Step 4 – Tap the Hole

Put the tap back in the hole and continue turning it. Every few turns turn it back a bit the other way to get rid of metal chips. If it is hard to turn, then spray with more tapping fluid. Once you through to the other side keep turning it until the tap goes all the way down. Then unscrew the tap.


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