How to Use Non-Crimping PEX Connectors

What You'll Need
PEX pipe
Pliers type pipe cutter
PEX quick connector

Recently more and more people have begun to use PEX piping and PEX connectors for the plumbing in their houses in place of things like copper tubing. A lot of PEX connectors are crimping type connectors but this very easy guide will describe how to install non-crimping type connectors such as quick connectors.

Step 1 - Cut Your PEX Pipe

Cutting PEX pipe is very easy with the proper tools. A simple pliers type pipe cutter will do the job just fine and will make a neat and flat cut on the end of the PEX pipe. Make sure when you are done that there is no flanging or unevenness to the end of the cut pipe.

Step 2 - Install Your Quick Connector

Quick connect type connectors are extremely easy to use and require no crimping of pipes or special tools. You simply insert the pipe into the quick connect type connector until you start to feel resistance. Once you feel resistance use steady, even pressure to insert the PEX pipe the rest of the way into the connector and seat it firmly to the stopper inside the connector.

Step 3 - Check for Leaks

Once installed properly and securely your quick connect connector should not leak. If you do see a drip or steady stream leak coming from the connector simply push the PEX pipe into the PEX connector more solidly. If this PEX connector is used in a high pressure water system you will need to depressurize by shutting off the water long enough to reseat the pipe into the connector.