How to Use Paint Sealant

What You'll Need
Warm Water
Gentle Detergent
Paint Sealant
Paint Brushes
Cleaning Solution

Paint sealant is normally something one would associate with the exterior of a vehicle but it can also be used for home decorating. Essentially a paint sealant is comparable to a clear varnish which seals paint behind an invisible protective wall. Paint sealant is easy to apply and takes minimal tools, materials and effort. Of course this does depend on the size of the project that you painted and wish to seal.

Step 1 – Surface Preparation

Prepare the painted surface by washing it in warm water with a gentle soap solution or detergent. It should be perfectly clean and dry before you attempt to use the sealant.

Step 2 – Using the Sealant

Apply the sealant with a paint brush as though you were using paint or varnish. The process is identical and the strokes should be gentle and even so that all the paint gets the right amount of sealant on it. The whole surface should be evenly coated before you allow it to dry or apply further coats.

Step 3 – Brush Cleaning

Clean the brushes with an appropriate solution according to the instructions on the sealant packaging to keep them from degradation or hardening.