How to Use PEX Crimpers How to Use PEX Crimpers

What You'll Need
Crimp rings
PEX crimper
PEX fittings
PEX tubing

To make water tight joints permanent and water tight, you will typically need to use PEX crimpers. Check below for information on material, tools, and instructions you'll need.


Tip 1 – Understand How PEX Crimpers Work

To install PEX tubing with a water tight joint, you can use a crimping tool and crimp rings, but to be sure the joints will be water tight, you will need to know how to use your PEX crimping tool.

Tip 2 – Creating a joint

To create a joint in your PEX tubing, use a PVC pipe cutter, slide a crimp ring over the end of the tube. Then, onto the tube, push a PEX fitting and insert it into the tubing as far as possible. Then, position the crimp ring on the tubing about at 1/8 inch from the tubing tip. Open the crimper jaws by pulling apart its handles, position the jaws over a ring, and press the handles together until the ring is tightened enough onto the tubing that it creates a seal that will be water tight. 

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