How to Use Portable Battery Chargers

What You'll Need
Portable Battery Charger
Safety Gloves
Safety Glasses
Driver's manual
Jumper Cable
Car battery

If you need to charge up your car battery, then using portable battery chargers is one way to get yourself back on the road. These devices provide enough of a charge to get you going again, but you need to know how to safely connect up your car engine and your portable battery chargers, and how to safely remove them at the end of the charge.

Step 1 - Safety First

Put on your gloves and glasses, and roll up any loose sleeves. Take off rings and other pieces of jewelry. When performing the charge, keep your face away from the battery. You should then look in the driver's manual, and work out how much voltage your car battery uses. This should be the same as your portable battery chargers.

Step 2 - Connect the Battery

Turn off the charger, and connect the jumper cable to the positive terminal on your car battery (this should have a plus sign or a P). Attach this to the positive element on the battery. As far away as possible from the battery, add the negative clip, and then connect to the negative battery terminal. Turn the charger on.