How to Use Quick Setting Drywall Mud

What You'll Need
A putty knife
Quick setting mud

There are a variety of forms of drywall mud. These products differ in the application process and the setting time required. Quick setting drywall mud will allow you to finish a job faster than traditional mud.

Step 1 – Mix the Mud

Be sure to mix only the amount of mud that you will need for your project. Once it has dried it cannot be moistened. Make a small amount of the mud, apply it and then make more if necessary.

Step 2 – Apply Joint Tape

Apply joint tape to any seams. Quick setting mud dries faster on a taped areas. Taped seams prevent the mud from having to dry in deep crevices.

Step 3 – Apply a Traditional Compound

Quick setting mud will dry quickly, but it is more difficult to sand than traditional drywall mud. Apply a traditional joint compound over your quick setting mud. This will make sanding much easier.

Step 4 – Clean Your Tools Quickly

Quick setting mud can damage your tools. Be sure to remove mud from your tools before it dries, otherwise you will need to soak them in order to remove the material.