How to Use Recycled Rubber Flooring How to Use Recycled Rubber Flooring

Recycled rubber flooring makes good use of old rubber, helping to keep the environment greener and lessening the amount if rubber that ends up in a landfill. There are a number of possible uses for recycled rubber flooring, most of them industrial and commercial but a few that work well in the home.


Recycled rubber flooring is available both in sheets and in tiles. Depending on the need, one might fit the area better than the other. It's as easy to lay as any other type of flooring and it's comparably priced, making it an excellent option.


As recycled rubber flooring is both durable and resists slipping, it can be ideal in kitchens and laundry rooms. It can make better flooring in these areas as it leaves the legs less tired from extended periods of standing. It's also easier to clean that many of the alternatives, and is ideal for areas where there might be plenty of water. It will mop up quickly and in these areas the fact that it's slip resistant gives it a great advantage.


Recycled rubber flooring in industrial areas such as factories makes the area a better place for the workforce. In workplaces such as these the workforce will probably be standing for extended periods, and the fact that they'll feel less fatigue from being on recycled rubber flooring keeps them more alert and productive.

Recycled rubber flooring can be bought in tiles that are bonded or can be slotted together, which allow room for drainage between the tiles. If a place where liquids can spill easily this can offer a great advantage. The resistance to slipping of recycled rubber flooring helps improve the safety of the workplace.


Recycled rubber flooring is excellent in sports venues. Athletes can walk and run on it with spikes or cleats without damaging the flooring, making it extremely versatile. It's as comfortable in changing rooms of a golf course as it is in a baseball dugout. The fact that it's so durable and doesn't increase the fatigue from standing leaves it ideal for gyms while the fact that it's slip-resistant leaves it perfect for shower and sauna areas, where there will be water and people in bare feet.

Swimming Pools

The resistance to water and the fact that it's durable and stops people slipping makes recycled rubber flooring the ideal choice for swimming pools, both in the changing rooms and around the pool itself as the last thing anyone wants is people slipping into the pool. Any area with a great deal of water, such as water parks, can find recycled rubber flooring very advantageous and also a very economical solution.

Ski Area

Either sheets or tiles made from recycled rubber flooring are excellent in ski areas or skating rinks. As it's not prone to slipping it gives better traction than other kinds of surfaces. Durability is also an important factor as it will need to be able to cope with a great deal of wear.

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