How to Use Retro Upholstery Fabric in Your Home How to Use Retro Upholstery Fabric in Your Home

What You'll Need
Retro Upholstery Fabric
Staple gun
Sewing machine
Glue spray
Foam board
Liquid fabric starch
Embellishments (optional)

Retro upholstery fabric is all the rage these days. The patterns, especially from the 60s and 70s, are quite bright with bold patterns that can make a smart punch to your home’s design. Do you know how to use retro upholstery fabric in your home? Here are 5 ideas you can use to spice up any room.

Step 1 - Dining Room Chairs

Dining room chairs are easy to cover. Remove the seats and cut your fabric allowing 2 extra inches all around. Lay the fabric print side down and lay your chair seat on the fabric. Pull the fabric up and staple all around to the underside of the chair seat. You have newly covered chairs!

Step 2 - The Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to use retro upholstery. With retro furniture, such as bistro sets, and remakes of retro appliances, you can have a kitchen that is up to date, but still be reminiscent of days gone by. Cover your chairs in the retro fabric, and make matching placemats. Use the method for the dining chairs to cover the chairs, and simply make a pattern out of paper to sew matching placemats. You can also sew simple curtains for your kitchen to match. Try to keep the color palette to no more than two colors or it may become too much, especially if your kitchen is small.

Step 3 - Your Bedroom

To add a posh presentation in your bedroom, use retro fabric to cover your headboard. It can be simply tacked on with glue spray. If your headboard is not of a style that can be covered, you can make one from foam board by cutting it to the shape you want and then covering in the same manner. It can be adorned with trim such as tacks, braid, or piping. Covering accessories can also add extra style. Pillows look great, as would a vanity chair, side chair, or lampshade.

Step 4 - Your Home Office

More and more people are working from home these days, and the old humdrum office is taking on a new life. A creative use of retro upholstery fabric, especially if your office is a smaller space is to cover a wall. A lighter weight fabric will make this project easier. Measure the fabric allowing and extra two inches at each side and the top and bottom to allow for shrinkage once it is on the wall. Cut the fabric and apply it to the wall with liquid starch. You can match other accessories in the room, like the desk chair seat and throw pillows to accentuate.

Step 5 - The Bathroom

 Most bathrooms have neutral walls, floors, and fixtures. To give your bath some retro fashion, you can cover the inside panels of your cabinets.  Make a pattern by tracing your cabinet panels. You’ll then just cut out the fabric. Allow a little extra fabric for shrinkage. Apply to the cabinet panels with liquid fabric starch. Trim after it has completely dried so you are sure it has finished shrinking.

To add to the overall scheme, you can sew strips of the fabric along the edges of your towels for an extra bang, or maybe cover your tissue box and trashcan to match your accessories. Retro fabric makes the old new again. Use it to make an elegant statement, or to bring whimsy to your home. As you can see, you can use it in any room!

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