How to Use Sphagnum Moss in Container Gardening

Sphagnum moss grows naturally in many locations and is a popular material for container gardening. The top scrapings of this type of moss are commonly used for orchids, houseplants, and hanging baskets. The moss that occurs deep in the peat bog is usually mixed with potting soil and used in gardens.

Instructions for Use

First, take the moss out of the packaging and place it inside a bucket or bowl. Pour water over the moss, just enough to cover it. Let it sit for about 30 minutes.

Put the plant frame you intend to use outside. Grab a few handfuls of the moss and squeeze out some of the water. Working one handful of time, pack the moss into the frame.

Keep adding moss until the whole frame is covered. Use one hand to put the moss in the frame, leaving the other hand free to provide resistance when you press the moss against the frame.

Now that the frame has been covered with moss, fill the pot with potting soil to the top of the liner. Cut away stray pieces of moss using scissors.

Plant Flowers

Plant flowers of your choice. This type of moss is used to keep moisture around the plant.