How to Use Stained Wood Putty How to Use Stained Wood Putty

What You'll Need
Stained wood putty
Putty knife

Stained wood putty is wood putty that is used for certain projects such as woodworking and other. A stained wood putty typically matches the color of the wood or the project that you are using it for, making it easier to work with in order to achieve the desired finish and look. Working with stained wood putty is no different than working with any other type of wood putty. There is no special training or tools that are required for you to begin using stained wood putty. Simply find a project that requires the use of stained wood putty, purchase the desired color and apply it just like you would any other wood putty.

This article will discuss broadly the use of stained wood putty. It will provide you with the tools and materials needed to work with stained wood putty as well as the steps necessary for working with the material.

Step 1: Get Advice on Types of Stained Wood Putty

Before starting a project with stained wood putty it is a good idea to ask questions and get advice on its use. A local home improvement center or hardware store, or a woodworking shop that is near you will have someone available to provide you with information and tips on using stained wood putty and how it can compliment your wood working projects. Take notes and ask questions about the different types of stained wood putties that are available and be sure that you have a good understanding of how the product works before you purchase any.

Step 2: Purchase Stained Wood Putty

With the knowledge and information that you have received regarding your stained wood putty for the project that you have in mind, purchase the type of stained wood putty that will compliment the type of wood and wood finish that you have. The darker the wood that you are working with means the darker the wood stain putty that you will need. If you can bring a sample piece of the wood that you are planning to work with for your project along with the stain or type of stain that you are thinking about using. A sales associate or floor assistant can help you match the wood and stain with the stained wood putty that matches your project.

Step 3: Apply the Stained Wood Putty

Once you have completed the construction of your wood project apply the stained wood putty using a putty knife. You should spread the putty in the same manner that you spread peanut butter on bread, applying a generous amount to cover up any nail holes and other blemishes in the wood and going back over them with the knife to smooth the putty out. You can also use your fingers in hard to reach placed to spread and even out the putty.

Step 4: Sand the Stained Wood Putty

Once you allowed the stained wood putty to dry, sand the area with sandpaper and brush away the sanding debris. The stained wood putty should blend with the rest of the project and you should not need to do anything else. 

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