How to Use Universal Toilet Repair Kits How to Use Universal Toilet Repair Kits

What You'll Need
Universal Toilet Repair Kit

Whether your toilet is leaking, running or has another fault, you can fix the problem with toilet repair kits. These kits usually come with a fill valve, flush valve, flapper and all of the hardware to attach them. Follow these steps before you call in a plumber. 

Step 1 - Turn Off the Water

Turn off the water and flush the toilet until the toilet tank is empty so you do not have to work underwater! 

Step 2 - Determine Which Part You Need to Replace

If your toilet is running, then the flapper is not covering the hole and water is flowing through. If your toilet will not flush, it could be the flapper or the chain that attaches to the flapper has disconnected. If your toilet is leaking it could be a faulty flush valve or cracked seals under the pipe mechanisms. Best to take out any part that looks old, torn or worn. 

Step 3 - Replacing

It will be easy to see how the part you are replacing is attached to the rest of the toilet mechanisms and all toilet repair kits will tell you which hardware goes with which part. Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly before starting.

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