How to Use Welt in Upholstery How to Use Welt in Upholstery

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, your upholstery project will be greatly enhanced by the proper use of welt. Welt is any thin cord that is used to help tie together upholstery on a chair or other object. Typically, welt is a thin, fiber cord that may be wrapped with thread of some kind for appearance effect. Using welt in your upholstery projects can boost the look of the finished product as well as its strength.

Use Welt Around the Outside

Welt should serve as a border to each of the surfaces on your upholstered item. Cover any edge or joint between two pieces of upholstery material with welt in order to protect that joint from damage. Because these are areas that are weaker than the other parts of the upholstery, welt serves to strengthen them.

Additionally, welt can be used for dramatic effect as well, without being used simultaneously for structural purposes. Examine samples of upholstered products for ideas of how to utilize welt in different ways, both to increase the aesthetic effect of a piece of furniture and to maintain a stronger structure overall.

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