How to Use Wood Clamps

Woodworkers would find it almost impossible to work without Wood clamps. If you are new to woodworking or inexperienced in the use of wood clamps you will find the 4 tips below to be of value.

Choosing Wood Clamp Types
For holding smaller pieces of wood together, you could use C clamps. These clamps also use to hold a piece of wood to another flat surface, such as a work table while you're working on the wood. However, if you're planning to make wood picture frames, your best bet is to use frame clamps. For gluing larger pieces of wood, or for the most versatile wood clamp, you'll find pipe clamps to be your best choice.

Purchasing Pipe Clamps

For each pipe clamp you plan to use, be sure the 3 clamp pieces are included with purchase. You will need the head, tail-stock and pipe. If your clamp tightens by your screwing the adjustment crank, be sure to buy a pipe with threads on one end.

Attaching  Pipe Clamp Pieces
Fit both pieces of the clamp onto the pipe, the head at one end and the tail-stock at the opposite end. Fit your clamp onto the wood you plan to clamp, then tighten the adjusting crank.