How to Use Your Univarsal Garage Door Opener

A garage.

A universal garage door opener is a handy device to have if you have lost your original remote for your automatic garage door or need an opener for an additional driver.

Sometimes it is very difficult to find original replacement remotes for a garage door opener, and even if you do find one, it will likely be very expensive. Other times you want a remote that will operate two different garage doors. Some cars have a universal remote control built into the car. These are times when programming a universal garage door opener comes in handy.

Step 1 - Check Manufacturer First

With the current ability to buy online and search worldwide for remotes, it’s a great idea to find a universal garage door opener that is compatible with your brand of garage door opener.

Look for a list on the website or packaging before you buy, and make sure that your brand of opener is listed. If you are programming a remote to work with two different doors, be sure each door brand is listed.

If you are unsure what brand of garage door opener you have, get a ladder or step stool and read the label on the opener itself.

Step 2 - Clear the Remote

Even if you have a brand new universal remote, you should begin the programming process by clearing the old code. Although each product will have specific instructions included in the packaging, here are some general instructions that may apply to your specific remote.

Find the “clear” command. For many models of universal garage door opener, holding down the first and third buttons for thirty seconds causes the light to blink quickly, indicating that the remote is clear.

Other remotes only require that you hold down the button you wish to program for 30 seconds. A few may have a separate button to hold down, but this is less common.

Step 3 - “Train” the New Opener

Choose the button on the remote that you want to use for the first garage door. Many times a universal garage door opener is able to open multiple doors. If you have an original remote for that garage door, aim it toward the universal remote.

Press the button on the original opener at the same time as you are pressing the desired button on the universal remote. This should cause the light on the new remote to blink quickly.

If you do not have an original remote or the new remote does not “train” properly using the old opener, you’ll then need to use the program button on the back of the opener itself. This is usually a small red or black button in the bottom center at the back of the opener.

You’ll have about 30 seconds to then press the appropriate button on the universal garage door opener. Hold it down until the light blinks rapidly.

Test the remote, then repeat for any additional doors you wish to operate with the same universal garage door opener.