How to Utilize a Ceiling Recessed Screen How to Utilize a Ceiling Recessed Screen

What You'll Need
Recessed screen
Surround sound system
Mounting tools

A ceiling recessed screen can really modernize your living room or lounge with the presence of a high tech viewing device. They can be remote accessed or manually drawn units, that help remove the standard bulky television from your living space. There is any number of projection units that you can use with this device to view movies or to simply watch your favorite show in a larger than life format. It is a good idea to be prepared to truly take advantage of your home system, by connecting surround sound, and any entertainment consoles you might have to enhance your experience.

Step 1 - Find the Best Location

The key to getting the most out of your ceiling recessed screen is the placement of your components. You want to make sure that it is going to accent the room and not take from it. Take notice of blocking walkways or other entrances to the room with it to prevent damage being done by someone passing in or out of the area. Think about interruptions, put the screen where those coming in or out of the area are not going to cross in front of the screen to get to a seat.

This is set up and utilized very much like a home movie theater, and can be emphasized by a really nice surround sound system as well. You want to ensure that when the ceiling recessed screen is deployed that it doesn't impair those coming in or out of the room, and avoids having people cross in front of the screen to sit down. It needs to be placed so that new people coming into the room does not interrupt those that are already watching. The location of all your devices is very important to have the best experience, such as speaker placement for the surround sound and the location of the screen itself.

Step 2 - Video Gaming and Entertainment

A ceiling recessed screen can provide for some action packed entertainment and video gaming experiences as your images are going to appear larger than life. If your screen projector has been adjusted to full screen properly and the surround sound is synced correctly, you can have a completely submersed experience with your system. The size of these screens dwarf traditional large screen wall-mounted units, providing for a very intense gaming experience on any console or computer system.

Step 3 - Home Computer Monitoring and Surfing

Your ceiling recessed screen can also display your home computer's screen as well if you connect it through your projection unit. In this day and age you can have wireless keyboards, remotes and controllers and do your work from the comfort of your couch. There is no need to enlarge the text for better viewing as your icons will be the size of a softball. This is also a very intense use of your home theatre screen, as you can see your computer desktop area appear larger than life. You music and video streaming websites will come through in complete clarity, and help to immerse you into the virtual world of the Internet.

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