How to Utilize Space in a Small Bedroom

Having a small bedroom can be difficult, especially if you are in the habit of adding possessions. It could be clothes, collectibles, musical instruments or any number of things, but a small room quickly fills up despite your attempts at limiting your purchases. If you have only a small amount of space to work with, there are things you can do to better utilize the space you have. Certain things you absolutely need in a bedroom, but with a closet, some organizational skills and the willingness to cut out some of the clutter, you can turn your small room into a comfortable, well-arranged living space.

Room Necessities

A bedroom would not be a bedroom with a bed. A dresser, night table, book shelf and desk are other items that should be considered necessary. However, there are ways to work with the space you have available to make a small room seem bigger. If you can stand the thought of thinning your room out, make a tally of what must stay and what can go. The five items mentioned above will count as necessary. Anything that is not needn’t be thrown out or moved to another room; rather, it might be possible to put it somewhere out of the way.

Next, consider the size of your necessities in relation to the size of your room. A bed is necessary, but for a room with dimensions of 10 by 12 feet, a king size bed will take up far too much space. The same goes with an overly large armoire or dresser. Because you only have so much space to work with, try to scale your necessities in accordance with the room.

Clever Closet Organization

With a little clever organization, you can turn a small room into a cozy atmosphere that does not feel cramped. If you have a closet–either with a single door entry or a double sliding door, think about using that space more effectively. If it will fit, put your dresser in your closet, or devise a method for storing your clothes in the closet without the aid of a dresser. A narrow bookcase makes a great open-sided dresser, and it is a great space saver. Closet organizers are sold commercially, but you don’t need to buy something like that. If your budget is slim to none, a few cinder blocks and a couple pieces of particle board with work wonders.

Under the Bed

If your bed has ample space underneath it, use the extra space to store miscellaneous things. A single row of drawers positioned under a bed is another way to store your clothes, while simply utilizing the space for your ski gear or guitar cases is an excellent way to avoid clutter. Also, think vertically. Rather than stack things out into the room, purchase or build shelves that utilize the space along the walls. One tall, thin bookshelf will take up less space than two that are short and wide.

There are numerous ways to better utilize a small bedroom. It helps, of course, to get in the habit of collecting fewer things. A bedroom has its necessities, though, so whatever you can do to keep what you need while keeping the space free of clutter will help turn a small bedroom into a cozy abode.