How to Vent a Tile Roof

A window jutting out from a brown, tile roof.
What You'll Need
Tile cutter
Roofing tar

It can be difficult to add a vent to an easily-damaged tile roof. The tile part of the equation may be quite complicated for a beginner who is not trained at roofing. This project may be best done by a professional, though you can follow the steps below to complete it yourself. You say you're up for the challenge? Read on.

Step 1—Position the Vent

Before you install the vent, decide where it will go. Then, cut a suitable hole from the inside to the back of the tiles.

Step 2—Remove the Tiles

Now that you have the hole, you will be able to see what tiles need removing. You can either prize them down from inside or, using a ladder, get up on the roof. Either way, use your tile cutter to cut around the tiles so that you have the same-sized hole inside and out. Trim the tiles so that the vent fits neatly into the hole.

Step 3—Add the Vent

Once the tiles have been cut, install the outside piece of the vent. When this is securely in place, return to the attic and screw in the plate that holds the vent to the roof. If you have any electrical work, you can also install this now. Replace the drywall around the edge of the hole and seal with caulk.

Step 4—Finish Up

Back outside, place a layer of roofing tar around the edges of the vent. Fill the tar-covered area with as many of the old tiles as will fit. You might need to cut down some of them to fill small spaces.