How to Wallpaper a Dollhouse

a dollhouse with a stuffed mouse at a tiny table
What You'll Need
Small paintbrush
Soap and water

A dollhouse is a miniature toy that is collected by children and adults. Wallpapering a dollhouse can be accomplished in the same manner as wallpapering a traditional home, although there is no need to mix a batch of wallpaper paste.

Below is a list of the materials and tools and steps necessary to successfully wallpaper a dollhouse. This can be done by both an adult and child and is an easy task to accomplish.

Select Wallpaper

You should select the style of wallpaper that you wish to install in the rooms of the dollhouse. Depending on the size of the dollhouse, a 1 or 2-page swatch of the desired wallpaper should be sufficient to cover the walls. A home improvement center or paint store should be able to provide you with a variety of wallpaper patterns and styles to choose from for the project.

Prepare the Walls

Similar to the process for applying wallpaper to your home, wipe the walls clean to remove any dirt or debris from the walls. If necessary, use a sponge and mild soap and water solution to clean the walls, allowing the walls to dry before applying the wallpaper.

Cut the Wallpaper

Cut the wallpaper sheets to the size being hung on the walls, using the scissors. The squares can be custom fitted to fit the walls and are easier to work with. If you are allowing a child to perform this task, supervise their use of the scissors to avoid any injury.

Glue the Wallpaper

Place a sufficient amount of glue on the back of the wallpaper and adhere it to the walls. Use a brush to remove any excess air that might appear when hanging the wallpaper. Allow the wallpaper to dry before placing the furniture and other miniatures back in the room.