How to Wash a Canvas Bag

A canvas bag with groceries.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5
What You'll Need
Liquid detergent
Warm water
Soft scrubbing brush

Canvas bags are gradually being reintroduced. As well as being tough and reusable, canvas is also easy to clean.


Some canvas bags are decorated with panels and ornaments that are not washable. These must all be removed. If the bag has an internal frame to hold its shape, that also should be removed.

Heavy Stains

Heavy stains should be treated separately before the bag is washed. Thoroughly dampen the stain and use a soft scrubbing brush and liquid detergent to try to remove the stain.

General Cleaning

A woman holds a canvas bag.

Most canvas bags can be added as part of the normal wash load. Canvas colors are usually fast, so there is no danger of color runs or transfers.

How to Clean by Hand Washing

If the canvas bag needs to be washed by hand, use a basin of warm water, a soft scrubbing brush, and some soap. Soak the bag in the water and then scrub any stains with the scrubbing brush using a circular motion.

A canvas bag can be hung on a clothesline and will dry quite quickly in the breeze on a sunny day.