How to Wash a Suede Pillow

Suede pillows.

Everyone should know how to wash a suede pillow because nearly everyone has one in their home. Most will take it to a dry cleaner. While this is the safest method, you can also wash a suede pillow yourself. Follow these easy steps and wash your very own suede pillow without the use of a professional dry cleaning service. However, if a stain is too severe, you might want to keep that dry cleaner in mind.

Determine The Need

You will first need to decide why your suede pillow needs to be cleaned. If you have mystery goop on it, you will follow another cleaning process than a stain.

Goops, Mud, Glues

When you find that your pillow has a mystery substance on it, let it dry first. Place it in the sun for an hour before you get started. Next, use your fingernails to gently scrub at the goop. However, if the idea of using your fingernails is less than appealing, you can also use any hard bristled cleaning brush. Never put anything on the brush, including water. Water stains are much harder to get rid of.

Water or Liquid Satins

You will need an upholstery cleaner. Most people have a steam cleaner of some sort in their homes, which come with upholstery attachments. Turn the heating element off and use cold water to “steam” clean your pillow, yes it will be wet. Lay your pillow flat and let it air dry.

You can take care of most suede stains without using water. However, if you must use water, make sure it is cold water, as suede will run if it has a dye in the fabric of any sort.


Try using a hard-bristled toothbrush to remove the goop type stains. Place the pillow into another pillowcase and place it in the gentle cycle of your washing machine for more extensive staining issues. If the staining is really bad and you spent a large amount of money on your suede pillow, you may be better off taking it to a professional dry cleaner.

Suede pillows can be very expensive, so try safeguarding your it before stains become a problem. Many department stores sell protective suede sprays that are inexpensive and can save you many headaches and money in the future. Cleaning suede is not an easy task, and taking it to a professional dry cleaner can get expensive as well. Your best defense against losing the investment you made in your suede pillow is to take preventative measures to protect it. Follow the directions on the suede protective spray to save yourself money, stress, and headaches in the future.