How to Wash Glazing Putty Out of Your Clothes

  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 15
What You'll Need
A small utility knife
Cleaning agent (Low or high strength)
Large cloths
Lemon juice
Warm water
A bowl
A washing machine

Glazing putty can be a very challenging material to try and wash out of fabric. Due to the way it is used, it is likely to end up on a shirt or pair of trousers at some stage during your DIY projects. The good news is that you can remove glazing putty from clothes with a simple process that uses basic household ingredients. This may take a bit longer than you would hope but it will stop you unnecessarily throwing away clothes.

Step 1 - Stretch and Scrape

Take the item of clothing which has glazing putty stains and stretch it as far as it will go without damaging any fibers. Use a small utility knife to gently scrape away at the surface layer of the stain. This will start to break it up and will allow other materials to penetrate and remove the stain more thoroughly. Take extra care and time to make sure you do not damage your clothes.

Step 2 - Cleaning Agent

Apply a small amount of low strength cleaning agent (depending on the severity of the stain) to a clean large cloth and rub over the stain with a circular motion. Make sure you use a cleaning agent that is friendly to clothes and fabrics. The stain should start to break up a little more. Turn your clothing inside out and repeat this process from the other side of the stain. This will penetrate the glazing putty more effectively. Be sure to test the cleaning agent on an inconspicuous area of clothing first to make sure it doesn't bleach or stain.

Step 3 - Cleaning Solution

Formulate a cleaning solution of some fabric-friendly items you will have around the house. Mix some lemon juice, salt, and warm water in a bowl. Soak your item of clothing in the bowl for 30 minutes to 1 hour. This will allow the acids from the lemon to get to work. Gently rub the stain with a cloth afterward and the stain should decrease from view even more. Acid-based items are very effective for removing a variety of stains from clothing. They are also cost-effective as many people will already have them in the home. Again, test on an inconspicuous area before use.

Step 4 - Wash

The final cleaning stage will be to put your item of clothing into the washing machine and carry out a normal cycle wash. The first two stages should have attacked the stain and removed the bulk of it. The washing machine's job is to eradicate any visible signs of the stain. Add a small amount of detergent into the washing machine before you start the cycle.

Step 5 - Dry

Take the item of clothing out of the washing machine and hang it until it has completely dried. Do not attempt to stretch the clothing until it has dried. Once it has dried, gently stretch the area where the stain had formed. This should allow you to see if the fibers have been cleaned thoroughly of all traces of glazing putty. If there are still traces, simply put the clothing back in the washing machine for another cycle.