How to Wash Kevlar Motorcycle Gloves

Kevlar motorcycle gloves are an important part of many riders protection while riding. Keeping them clean is an important part of that.

Kevlar is an almost indestructible man-made fabric that withstands heat, cold and abrasion at very high levels. This makes it ideal for motorcycle gloves and suits. Usually when gloves or suits are made of Kevlar it will also have nylon or spandex woven into it to allow for more stretch in the fit and comfort. Keep this in mind when washing and drying.

Kevlar gloves generally can be machine washed and dried like any other fabric gloves. You can toss them into the machine with things like blue jeans or coveralls and then into the dryer with good results. Most people who use Kevlar gloves say once they are washed they seem to soil more easily after that. The water temperature may depend upon the blend so consult the label inside your gloves.

Kevlar gloves can also be hand washed with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Hand wash then dry either in a dryer or lay flat to dry.

As with any fabric, read the manufacturers instructions before washing and drying to get important washing and cleaning facts  and to not void any warranty that may apply to your gloves.