How to Wash Vinyl Eaves

What You'll Need
Extension ladder
Waste basket
Laundry detergent
Cloth or old towel
Small handheld rake, or piece of wood

Cleaning out eaves is hard as it is, but vinyl eaves can be harder to maintain. It is important to give them the care they deserve so your home looks good year round. 

Step 1: Climb up on the Roof

Using the extension ladder, climb up on the roof. Take the waste basket and rake (or wood) with you since you will need these first. 

Step 2: Clean out the Debris

Using the rake or wood, clean out the debris stuck in the eaves. Loosen it up and collect it in the waste basket. Once you have cleaned out all the debris, you can leave the waste basket and rake on the ground and take the remaining materials with you to the roof. 

Step 3: Wash the Eaves

In the bucket, mix laundry detergent and water. Using a cloth or old towel, clean the vinyl eaves with the washing liquid until the dirt is removed from them. Then use a hose to wash the detergent off the eaves. Use another old towel to dry them.