How to Waterproof a Basement Floor

What You'll Need
Rubber float
Water proof mix
Garden hose

A waterproof basement floor is an important for your home. The basement is the structure upon which the rest of the home. You must ensure that it is stable. Follow these steps to waterproof your basement floor and protect the integrity of your home’s structure.

Step 1 - Check for Leaks and Cracks

Remove all furniture and and other items from the room. Store these items in a safe place. Check the basement floor for cracks. It is important to fix the cracks now, so that you do not have problems with the foundation later on. If you find cracks that are bigger than hairline, use epoxy cement to fill them before moving on to the waterproofing process.

Use a chisel to break away the loose pieces in the cracks to make them even. Mix the cement in a bucket according to instructions on the package. The consistency should be like cake batter. It should be thick, but still easy to pour.

Pour the cement into each of the holes and cracks that you find in the basement floor. Use a rubber float to level the area. Allow these spots to dry completely for 48 hours before waterproofing.

Step 2 - Spray Down the Floors

Spray the floors with a garden hose. Spray them enough to be damp and allow the waterproof mixture to stay, but not too wet that the water pools into puddles. Use misting nozzle on the end of the hose to make sure it comes out slowly. If you do spray too much water, either wait until it evaporates or use a towel to mop it.

Step 3 - Apply Water Proofing Materials

Once you have misted the area, apply the waterproofing mix with a mop. Begin in one corner of the floor and work your way across and down to the other end. Once that section has dried, repeat this step again for another coat. Before applying the second, dampen the floor again.

Now that you have finished the final coat, allow the floors 72 hours to dry for 48. The surface must be totally dry before you replace the furniture which has been kept in temporary storage.