How to Waterproof a Cement Deck

What You'll Need
A liquid soap for cement surfaces or for dishes (needed for old concrete)
A pressure washer
Pressure washer nozzle of 0 and 15 degree
A broom
A sealer suitable for use on concrete or exterior surfaces
A sprayer or a roller
A paint brush

The waterproof cement deck resists water or stains and is quite easy to clean compared to an unsealed deck. If you want to waterproof your cement deck, you need to prepare the surface properly in order to ensure the adhesion of the sealant you will use to complete your project. Avoiding stains is absolutely necessary if you want to prevent problems with the adhesion later on; moreover, stains can appear darker when you apply the waterproofing product or material you have chosen.

Step 1 – Preparation

The first thing you need to do is prepare the cement deck surface properly. You need to ensure that the surface is absolutely dry and clean; therefore, you have to sweep thoroughly until you have removed every loose particle. Once the surface is clean, you have to remove older stains, treating them with the liquid soap you have bought. The pressure washer will be very useful here, since it will help you clean the surface with a 0 degree pressure nozzle, at 3000 PSI approximately. Hot water will help you remove the stains. Later, you have to rinse the surface thoroughly with a 15 degree pressure nozzle and allow the surface to dry. You need to make sure that the surface is absolutely dry. Once it is completely dry, you can sweep for any additional particles left.

Step 2 – Application of the Sealant

Take the paint brush and apply the sealant you bought starting from the corners. Make sure you go around all obstacles in order to cover the entire surface of the concrete. If you are using the sprayer instead, you should protect the adjoining fixtures using a taping plastic around the base. You need to make sure that the sealant is applied properly and uniformly saturated. The best way to do it is to start from the corner of the wall and keep working towards the openings, so that you will not need to step on the recently applied sealant.

Step 3 – After the Application

Once you have covered the entire surface with the sealant you should allow it to dry, following the instructions and guidelines of the label. Once it has dried, you can apply the second coat of sealant, to ensure maximum waterproofing. Make sure that the cement deck is completely dry before you re-place all pieces of furniture back, otherwise the furniture might adhere to the sealant and even pull it off when moving it.

Extra Tip

Make sure that you wash your waterproofed concrete deck often, in order to maintain the performance of the sealant and their nice and neat appearance. It is a good idea to apply a coat of sealant once a year to ensure its waterproofing abilities. In any case, you should use protective gloves and goggles or glasses when using a sealant.