How to Waterproof Gazebo Panels How to Waterproof Gazebo Panels

What You'll Need
Gazebo Panels
Rustproof Paint
Sand Paper
Waterproof Substance Spray

Gazebo panels usually come with some sort of waterproof substance on them when you purchase them. However, this type of waterproofing is not permanent, and usually will only last through about one season of rain before you need to reapply something else to keep the panels protected against the weather.

Below are the steps you can take to ensure that your gazebo is waterproofed correctly, letting you rest easy when it rains.

Step 1 - Take Off Gazebo Canvas

Before you start waterproofing, you will want to remove the gazebo panels, which are usually made out of canvas. You can do this by removing any straps and adhesive that are attached to the canvas. You will want to take the canvas up and slide it over one side at a time, until it is off the frame completely.

Step 2 - Take Care of the Frame

Once you have taken the canvas off, you will want to look over the gazebo frame. Look for any rust spots, and take care of them before moving any further on.

You can use sand paper to sand the rust spots, and then apply rustproof paint to the sanded spots on the frame. The frame should have enough time to dry while you work on waterproofing your panel.

Step 3 - Lay Out the Tarp

You will not want to lay your canvas directly on the ground. Take out your tarp, and spread it evenly and flatly on the ground. Then, lay the gazebo panel out flat on top of the tarp so it doesn't touch the ground at any part.

Step 4 - Coat the Canvas

Now it is time to start waterproofing your gazebo panel. Use a waterproof spray to coat the gazebo canvas entirely. Do this by holding the can of waterproofing substance about eight to ten inches away from the canvas, and at an angle as well. Press the nozzle, and move it in a sweeping motion going from side to side, covering the whole canvas with a heavy coat.

Step 5 - Apply a Second Coat

After you have allowed a few minutes of drying time of the first coat, you can apply a second coat of waterproofing to your material. Use the same technique as you did with the first coat, going in a sweeping motion and standing away from the direction in which you are spraying.

Step 6 - Reattach the Canvas

After you have applied both coats of waterproofing and let the canvas dry for a couple of minutes, you can reattach the gazebo panels. This can be done in reverse order of the way you removed the canvas.

As long as you followed the steps correctly, and made sure the frame was dry before reattaching, you should have no problem with how well your gazebo is protected from the rain or other weather-related dampness.

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