How to Waterproof Leather Motorcycle Gloves

a pair of black gloves
  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-75
What You'll Need
Clean rag
Water proofing substance (wax, spray, lotion, etc.)
Leather motorcycle gloves
What You'll Need
Clean rag
Water proofing substance (wax, spray, lotion, etc.)
Leather motorcycle gloves

Waterproofing your leather motorcycle gloves can be done using a couple different options. There is wax, dressing, and spray available for your leather gloves.

Below are step by step instructions on how to waterproof your leather gloves. Read the easy, simple steps below, and enjoy your ride.

Step 1 - Knowledge

Before you even purchase the substance to protect your gloves, you must know exactly what you will be working with. If you have a thin leather that make up your gloves you will not want a strong spray or wax. However, if you don't purchase a waterproofing substance that is tough enough for your kind of leather then it won't be adequate to do what you want.

Step 2 - Purchase the Substance

After you have discovered the exact leather you will be working with, you need to purchase the substance you've decided on. There are several different things you can choose to waterproof your gloves with. They range anywhere from wax, to lotion, and some have even used WD-40, saying that it beads up nice, and coats well.

Step 3 - Test It Out

Different materials react differently with chemicals. Before you apply anything to your entire glove, you will want to do a test spot. This is done by choosing a spot on the underside of your glove. Apply the chemical and let it sit. Leaving it sit overnight is probably best so you can get a definite of how exactly it treats your leather.

After you have completely let the chemical dry and interact with your leather, and it is the outcome you are wishing for you can move on to step four.

Step 4 - Clean

The first step of the actual waterproofing regimen is to clean your gloves thoroughly. You will want to make sure the entire glove is free of any dirt, dust, and debris. The seams are kind of a catch all, so you will want to scrub the seams to make sure they are entirely clean as well.

The next step involves using a lotion or wax. If you are using a spray substance to waterproof all steps are the same, for the exception of the next step. With spray you will spray the liquid about 5 inches away from the glove, and make sure you completely cover the glove with the substance, instead of following step 5.

Step 5 - Apply the Substance

You will want to make sure you have a clean rag to rub a very generous amount of wax or lotion onto your motorcycle gloves. Saturate the seams, and make sure the substance is spread as evenly as possible.

Step 6 - Get Rid of the Excess

Next you will want to wipe off any extra substance on your gloves. Use a new clean cloth to do this.

Step 7 - Wait Overnight

The best thing to do is to let your leather gloves soak overnight. This allows your gloves to soak up the entirety of the substance.

There you have it. No water will ruin your leather gloves. Enjoy your ride!