How to Waterproof Your Dog House How to Waterproof Your Dog House

If your pet dog spends any amount of time outdoors, it should have a dog house in which to stay warm and sheltered from foul weather. Rain damage can greatly reduce the life of a dog house, though, so waterproofing it is a good choice.

Seal the Roof

An effective dog house should have a roof, but in order to keep water out in a rain shower, the roof should be covered with tar paper and roofing shingles. The job of roofing the dog house will be much more manageable than your home because you can stand above it the whole time. Properly affix a layer of tar paper and then staple roofing shingles from the bottom of the roof on both sides up to the apex. Cover the apex of the roof with shingles in the appropriate manner.  

Vinyl Siding

Now that the roof is protected from water, you may want to affix vinyl siding to the outside walls of the dog house. Work from the bottom up and cap each corner with a vinyl end piece.

With a shingled roof and vinyl siding, your pet’s dog house will be completely waterproof, not to mention the envy of all the other dog owners on the block.

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