How to Wax Metal: Copper

copper sink and spout
What You'll Need
Carnauba wax
Small bristle brush
Wax paper
Hot plate

Knowing how to wax metal will help you be able to create many different artifacts, jewelry, and patinas that are highly decorative. Using the right kind of wax for sealing copper is a necessity. The kind of wax you should use must contain some carnauba in it. In its natural state this substance is very hard, but it is sold as a paste in a waxy substance. Here is how you should wax metal like copper for great artifacts.

Step 1 - Heat Wax

You do not want the wax in a liquid form, but you do want it pliable enough to be able to brush it on evenly with a small brush. A few minutes on a hot plate will get the wax where you need it.

Step 2 - Brush onto Copper

To seal the wax onto the metal you will need to brush it on in an almost liquid state. If it is too runny it will not solidify correctly.

Step 3 - Set Aside to Harden

Place the copper metal on some wax paper and let it harden. Usually this will take a day.

Step 4 - Set Seal in Oven

Once the wax hardens onto the metal, you can seal it by putting it into a 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes. This will give it an added hardness.