How to Wax Your Snowboard

What You'll Need
2 Workbenches
Drop Cloths
Steam Iron
Plastic Scraper
Snowboard Wax
Abrasive Cleaning Pad

If you plan to take up snowboarding, knowing how to wax snowboard surfaces should become part of your skillset. Proper waxing gives you control of the board during use on the slopes while prolonging the life of your snowboard.

Step 1 – Setting Up

Place a cloth over the workbenches for protection and balance the snowboard across them.

Step 2 – The Wax

The wax should be heated to melt onto the snowboard. Plug the iron in and set it to middle hot. Once it reaches temperature hold it in one hand and rub the wax against it, allowing it to melt onto the snowboard surface.

Step 3 – Spreading the Wax

Spread the wax on the snowboard using the iron, as though you were ironing laundry. Spread it out thinly all the way over the entire lower surface. Scrape any excess wax from the snowboard.

Step 4 – Polishing the Board

Use the abrasive pad to polish the rest of the surface wax into the snowboard. You should conduct this waxing process after each three uses, four at the most. Any longer gap than that will affect the snowboard adversely.