How to Weatherproof Outdoor Metal Storage Bins

What You'll Need
Rust inhibitor paint
Paint brush
Insulation pad
Rubber weather strips
Utility knife

Metal storage bins are very durable and will stand up to a great deal of wear and tear. When left outside, however,, the weather can have a negative effect on them and the items inside your bin. To preserve your investment, follow the simple steps below to effectively weatherproof outdoor metal storage bins.

Step 1 - Paint the Bins

Metal left outside will rust if you let. While rust can look bad, it can also lead to structural problems with the metal. To combat this problem, purchase a special rust inhibitor paint. The paint will keep a layer between the metal surface and the rain and oxygen, preventing the metal from oxidizing and forming rust.

Use your paintbrush to apply the rust inhibitor paint to the surface of the bin. Make sure that you coat the entire surface evenly and smoothly. If you miss any spots, oxygen can get on the surface of the metal and start to cause problems.

Step 2 - Add Weather Strips

You also need to be able to keep water out of the bins. If you allow the water to get inside, it can ruin whatever is inside the bins as well as the bin itself. To block water, purchase rubber weather strips from any home improvement store. These are designed to go around the outside edge of an exterior door to keep air and moisture from flowing in the door. They might come with an adhesive already on the strips, or you might have to purchase a special adhesive to adhere them to the metal. Attach them all the way around the outside edge of the lid so that the bin is completely sealed. 

Step 3 - Install Insulation

You may also need to put some type of insulation in the inside of the bins. If you are going to keep anything in the bins that could be damaged by extreme cold or heat, this step is imperative. There are a number of materials that you could use as insulation. For example, you could purchase some foam pad from a carpet store. You could also get spray foam insulation if you prefer. If you use foam insulation, you will need to glue it to the inside edges of the bin. Cut it to fit with your utility knife and then stick it in the bin.