How to Weatherstrip an Entryway Door How to Weatherstrip an Entryway Door

What You'll Need
Door sweeps

If you live in a cooler climate, then you may want to install weatherstripping onto your entryway door. Putting weatherstripping down will help to block out unwanted draughts and chills which can significantly effect how warm the home feels. It is usually a good idea to start this installation in the autumn, in preparation for winter, but you can fit weatherstripping to your entryway door at any time of the year. Fitting this type of insulation material to your door is not very difficult, and if you have some home improvement experience, you will be able to complete this task in only a few hours.

Step 1 - Preparing the Door

Before you install the weatherstripping on your entryway door, make sure that it is properly prepared. If there is any weatherstripping on it already, remove this using some pliers. Simply tug it out, and dispose of it in the trash. You should also smooth down the bottom and edge of the door in order to ensure that you have a good working base. This will help you to prevent any sort of damage. you should also check the door for loose hinges, which can cause problems when the weather stripping is in place. Tighten up any loose hinges you find.

Step 2 - Adding the Weatherstripping

Open up your weatherstripping kit. You should find two long pieces, and one short piece. The long parts are for the sides of the door, and the short piece is for the top. You should carefully measure the distance between the two side jambs. Check this measurement again, and then cut the weatherstripping to this size. Place the cut length onto the floor, and start pushing your nails into the wooden door frame. Put the weatherstripping into the top jamb, and press against the door. Finish drilling in the nails.

Step 3 - Adding the Side Pieces

Measure each of the side jambs, and then cut the longer pieces to fit this. You will also need to cut one end of each piece in a diagonal, so that it will fit against the top weatherstripping. This needs to be coped close to the top stripping, so there is no gap. Push the weather stripping into the wood, driving the nails in securely afterwards. Open and close your entryway door a few times in order to make sure that it can latch easily.

Step 4  - Add the Door Sweep

Once you have put in the weatherstripping, you can add the door sweep to the bottom. Measure this angle carefully at least twice, and then cut the sweep to fit. You will need the hacksaw to cut this, as it is quite solid. Make sure that the sweep is smoothed down at the ends, and then place the sweep into position so that it is pressing gently against the floor. Screw it into place using your drill.

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